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Missionarys’ (Bandcamp 2016)

Unregulated automaton of Industrial music and Post-Hardcore as one of the best band from Chicago, IL area and Drool might be quite kept hidden their spines deeper in the underground water like a home-made paste which actually isn’t an ordinary paste but something dangerous and illegal just like when one being forced to listening on the group’s effort called Droolpussy which sounding strange and seems to be non-legal exactly within the self-resemblance of particles of Grungy metallic meets the destructible blaster distortions which locally have made Chicago infamous for spawning more inflicted crazy, independent and anti mainstream or bogus products but the releasing of extreme deranged music combinations like a bad radio show turning to cannibalistic maestro exhibits or belligerent gory format for Alternative Rock in demonic worshipping values celebrating by Drool. Mastered by Jake Levinson, art by Kara Sajeske and being a modern relevant punk-based tapes on non-contemporary internet things to blow your stereo with Glass (Pussyfoot), Youth Large, Terminal and 1 Latrobe 1 or more choices to die by the mono.