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Messenger Epiphany (Bandcamp 2014)

Do you need a further introduction with these young men faction of Heavy Metal extreme from Geelong, Australia: vocalist Adam Caciolo, guitarists Alex Bell and Alex Hill, bassist Corey Pearce and drummer Harry Andrews bring the depression on Metal-Core format through the band’s Contemplation EP and as then, you might knowing them by the name of Athenas Wake as well. 

Death Metal surgery, Black Metal worshipping occult-like presence right there on the mini album record released from the five minutes more beginning on Diagnosis onto the closing and sewed back off Remission six minutes and eighteen seconds as one can see via the cover-artworks and feel them all through the blasting atmosphere of lucifarum’s heavy thunders of storm chaos presentation. 

Better to lock down yourself inside the compound as the reigning season of filth destruction and Extreme Heavy Metal sorrow that use to be buried deep – now awaken !