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Merlin Berlin (Not On Label 2016)

   A Heavy Metal and Punk-Rock intensive-care division from Manchester, North West of England is actually a Cross-Over noise comedy on Crust-metal and Thrash periodic obliterations whilst the counting time by numbers keeps going on to end but before that there’s still a good fucking time to prolong some jokes and making them into a metallic head-banging music like the one being operated here by Footprints In The Custard within The Descent Of Decency. Starring Ian Fraser on bass/backing vocals, the ultimate guitars-department workers: Ross Vickers and Matthew Whitworth onto the lead vocalist Russell Gregory and Paul Linsley on drums doing the fast-demonic tempos and challenging noise-melodic techniques higher in penetrations just like the obelisk-like phallus gone erecting tall in the middle of our dark-ages ruins of the modern world – back to the extinction or enslavement again as the sonic tracks blasting via Wankclaw, Year of The Weasel, Close Enough to Clunge all the way through Party Metal, Sympathy Lick or Bouncy Bouncy as the future for Thrash Metal looking really great to tearing the mainstream world's apart within this unit !

The Descent Of Decency: