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Menjerit Seperti Wanita (Substance Records 2013)

   Grind-core to the bitchy issues for daily sucking lives of your if you then living in Indonesia or Bandung or anywhere else there with the overpopulated crowds, bad weathers these days as sex isn’t just the primary needs anymore but business and fanatic religious people circumcising everyone who didn’t met their interests or faith just about to be revealed in this sicker comedy and macho-life basic like GWAR/Brujeria moving to West Java in form of Terapi Urine and giving us their fun-time erasing the public opinion via sarcasm local lyrics or honest lusty ideas into tracks of destructions through the recording release of Kehiduvhan Yang Vhana Ini (this mortal life). 
   Spoken words dirtier like your pedophile uncle and faster demise riffs and beats to destroy you – the pathetic commercialist as the slutty, cunt(y) and as many disrespected thoughts confirmed here via socio-politic and traditions for enslaving women down with thus Ken666erian Malam Itu (the frightened night), Enaxxx (fucking yummy), Kena Gigi Uang Kembali (good oral sex), Dedek Dedek Urban (about the big city bitches), Wanita Fana! (cheap women) to Pemuja Seks Bebas (free-sex lovers) – all comes in a chaotic and artistic format possible led by Andry “Joe” Novaliano in the name of the almighty Grind-Core Porn music and some might feel that there’s no turning back from this road after listening …