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Mengunci Ingatan (Demajors 2016)

Don’t know if you should (for sure) to calling this type of music made by the Jakarta-based Indie Rock session off the naming for Barasuara that used to be a solo project plan off Iga Massardi’s pocket turning to a future blue-print for the group’s existence as then, the additional names for members recruit includes TJ Kusuma and Asteriska Widiantini as well as Marco Steffiano onto the more available good musicians like Gerald Situmorang or Puti Chitara on one particular sounds that grooves much not like an ordinary Indie-pop contour as usual. 
Barasuara truly giving their music materials a good managing as they’re being written since as well as the recording process after the composing in a better environment creating a local-based but internationally approved kinds of album here on Taifun. Mixing Folk-Rock, Blues, Jazz-Pop to the impressive vocals harmony showing the edgy side between vulnerability and courage for Indonesian to grow their roots for music whether locals or national by levels. 
This band shall making you amazed as you let your ears opening for the messages and tones climbing inside your membranes through out the atmospheric selected poetic-like songs of Api & Lentera, Bahas Bahasa, Sendu Melagu, Tarintih and much more sensible offerings for them to finding peace inside the hidden paradise bridging by dreamy power of grooves and classical Indie-Pop.