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Memphis Water (Albert Productions 2006)

   Mastering their power-dunker of the Bluesy mixed with Hard Rock and Rock N’ Roll formed in Downpatrick as being announced as The Answer – our Irish great newer rock band consisting of vocalist Cormac Neeson, guitarist Paul Mahon, Michael Waters the bass-teaser and James Heatley behind the drum sets for the likes on Paul Rodgers, Whitesnake, Aerosmith to Rory Gallagher and Thin Lizzy with some Northern Ireland’s kick-ass taste for rocking the stage. From the album release entitled Rise as the band first effort for a beginning; we got quite some time to re-remembering the perfect moment again through whether the origin casuals or the 10th Anniversary of it which still fucking rocking hard like the first time you hearing the blares of both solo melodic or the superb riffs from Under The Sky, Never Too Late, No Questions Asked, Into The Gutter or Sometimes Your Love won’t or would go Preachin’ but romance never taking the course of the band completely since …

Keep the palm high as our infamous music never stop roaring !