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Melinda Tent (Bandcamp 2014)

   Eve maybe at one time on earth got kidnapped by bunch of apes-like humanoid and carried away for quite sometimes as then, she learning to climb trees like them and also perhaps, being monopolized in sexual contents by the males as well but gorgeously beautiful shall breeding a beautiful things just like the fictional tales about how you can email-ing the guy behind Pregnant Head; the soft project on blending Ambient Electronic and Chill-out Wave for Down-Tempo to the spoken word or piano plays by performance right freshly from Istanbul – Turkey and one may finding out that this package sounding modern and peacefully calm. Open your countable record in Afterlove where the softening beats can drove your miserable thoughts away in minutes, replacing them with imaginative dream-scapes and near-East's Pop-tinged fusion atmosphere by tasting the goodness flows following Lilja, Moda, Nostalghia, Requiem or Rhea’s Dream. Again, some might asking about the bio-data of the person behind the curtains for the mysterious undercover name like Pregnant Head but make sure that you got his address right because he’s already creating to you and the many merrier audiences – a great musical recording that sounded simply easy not confusing the days.