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Megaflora (Not On Label 2017)

   Sludge Metal and Stoner philosophy in groovy punches with Doom Metal assailant targeting the weak for its victim of ritual ill-fated blasphemous earth-quaking by the textual and communal shaken forum over the head-banging society feeling unrest not for losing a chance on listening to Lizzard Wizzard crew from Brisbane, Aussie: Luke Osborne, Michael Clarke, Nick McKeon and Stef Roselli on combining the extreme Dark Metal and Black session of metallic worships via this Viking-based and Valhala rejoicing battles and bloody declaring spirits of rocking aloud in hell after occupying heaven. Through Total War Power Bastard is closely enough on describing how brave but primitive mankind can be to slaying others or the enemy and bathing their body liquid as the acts of winning and the nine theory of lyrics and bursting molten lava of cursing chivalry and kindness by showing no mercy really did well fulfilling the phase for the anthem alerts of the territorial raiding troops just like the stacking and bashing of these tracks to your head and your guts and your fucking family as well in Threat Level Demon, Dadfather over the seven minutes more and several seconds while Shithead Nihilism stays almost permanently due to the eight minutes and forty-one seconds of your favorite cursing themes as well as the longest number seven track out of Medusa But She Gets You Stoned Instead of Turning You to Stone Instead of Snakes She has Vaporizers on His Head…Drugs for only four minutes in length. 
Duration didn’t seems to matter when you got your bashing rock sounds perfect abrupt like the sudden catapult attacks over your pathetic castles.