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Means To Be (Bandcamp 2014)

   Don’t just stand there because you might get hit real bad for keeping passive while the Hardcore flawless music blasting loud onto the fully loaded place with most of the audiences joining the massive pit of the mosh area and broken bones and bruises with blood-spilling shall be the story to tell later on for you knowing pretty much well with Forever Cadence sounds of manic fast tempo available for the independent youth only through - Something Greater. 
   A Metal-Core melodic Screamo amd Punk-Hardcore from Brampton, Ontario’s five-piece precious rock-heads: bassist Ryan, Adam H and A.J handling their guitars, Adam C on drum-kit department and vocalist Sean slamming the environment surrounds them with the impressive non-failure extreme levels kept on a tight harsh mode there as you can listening about thus angst lyrics and sporty spirits by penetrations blends through Currents, Anchored, Distressed or Tyrant as they’re opening the Chapters toward Sovereign and Departure feelings and memories caught our Consistencies down because of the Monarch society led by our own parents for keeping us in obedience, taken away our freedom of speech.

Something Greater: