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Mautaam (Seventh Rule 2011)

   One shall not wanting further destruction when already having this unit of Blackened Doom Metal harassment slamming slower stomps via Batillus efforts from their greatest recording releases of all of their entire career: Furnace with its perfect experienced of mixtures on Psychedelic-Progressive and experimental sessions on a very deeper darker and slowed Sludge Metal obsessive attacks onto your ears as they shall conquer with vigorous doomy infiltration sounds possible in low decibel through this one. 
   Meet Fade Kainer (vocals, keyboards), Greg Peterson (guitars), Geoff Summers (drums) and Will Stabnau (bass) ferociously in trance of wrath by the midst of …And The World is as Night to Them in complete devastation distortion approach. 
   Later on followed by Deadweight and Uncreator would be a disaster you don’t want to miss to getting closed to when they’re exploding bigger. 
   As the processing of roaring vocals or driven-burst of noises behind the drum-set onto the heavy riffs and crazy forged of firing squad tempos or deranged deader ones shall never failed to make you keeping the head-banging spirits higher and evil for having the type of music as insane as this stuff on your damn stereo – New Yorkers !