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Matraman Terekam (Warner Music Indonesia 2006)

   Sucking back to the past but not mentioning any of the time travelling system because somewhere there around Jakarta a gate from the eighties heyday era of confusions or the fusion between Pop-Disco, Punk Rock, Goth-Dance and Synthesizers by cells really entering the lives of those founding members that build a hideous creative and unique mosaic for Indonesian local Pop Alternative collection – here’s The Upstairs as their smaller army of geeky dressing-up fans in colorful New Wave uniforms hailing Jimi Multhazam (vocals) and Kubil Idris (guitars) for making this dreamy characters and musical composing possible – not just living under the shadows of lame commercial pop albums or stupid junk-music available for a long long time for many Indonesian youngsters to chew. 
   Energy comes as an album with highly contagious bursts of hard-line influences from the semi-legendary names like Devo, The Cure, Depeche Mode or A Flock of Seagull for instance; along with more added personnel like Beni Adhiantoro, Selvy Maryana, Elta Emanuella or Futi Rievana have given their stylish up-beats like the day you playing this album back to your stereo – it’s a brand new weekend on the previous New Wave era back again as real as your classy hipster dreams made into reality with thus colorful clashing beats to take you down on the dance-floor or just crazily did the neo-pogo self-inflicting work-out inside your room with happy smiling heart like nothing can easily stopping you from having a freaking good time with the album Energy. 
   The Upstairs turning the gloomy garage into the clubber spot full of lights in many forms as the tracks beating the passive feelings onto joyous and alive again by the purification approves via those Indonesian lyrics for Disko Darurat, Hanya Aku Music dan Lantai (me music and the floor), Frustrasi, Digital Video Festival and Apakah Aku Berada di Mars atau Mereka Mengundang Orang Mars (being on mars or they're inviting the martians to come) as the nation-wide independent radio-hits hymns and sing along by both female lead singer and his backing vocals of girl’s army shall all night long doing the non-stop moving in and out. 

So, let’s drink !