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Mary Brown Petal (Creation Records 1992)

   The second album Organ Fan showing the media of modern rock world the furious attack from the UK’s Alternative Noise-Rock group Silverfish whom mysteriously feeding the heads of the infectious ears of the audiences just like Marilyn Manson would also did but without the infamous make-up and too much controversial acts following them; this short-living unit that spawning surprising blends off Industrial of Ministry-liked beat tempos and crossing the higher violent kept in Pop senses by the performing members: Lesley F. Rankine on vocals/feedback/general bitching, Fuzz on guitars/feedback/snoing/guitar trumpet to Chris .P on bass noises and drummer Stuart; taking their steps within the great cover-artworks on Organ Fan album – displaying the Mayan couple gone wrongly dying to face modernism comes to their hidden front gate under the mountain and the tracks were also telling the problematic world happening since the arrival of Alternative Music to opening eyes of the blinded to see clearer as like the misconception, anonymous or ambiguous meanings via Suckin’ Gas, Big Bad Baby Pig Squeal, This Bug onto Elvis Leg or Fuckin’ Strange Way to Get Attention – really means something than you think it is !

Organ Fan: