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Married Man (New Damage 2014)

For the love or hate on your good ol’ daddy’s collections of Motorhead trashing music and the rest of the last Stoner/Desert Rock coalitions that you fell into since knowing Eagles of Death Metal or Kyuss or Red Fang for example; now meet the continuous tense presented by Biblical – the Toronto, Canada group that make “Heavy Rock” not sounded sucks for the beginners and the advance therapy on power-tripping trophy might be approved within many influences covered here on the album of Monsoon Season that rooted to the likes for rocking sounds from MC5, Can, David Axelrod and Blue Oyster Cult. Mixed their force explosions through great music and mystical grooves as the mix between The Black Crowes, Lemmy and The Allman Brothers in thunderous climatic acclaiming the rocks and heavy metal on the same position over the tracks of power via Traitors, All Justice No Peace, The Quiet Crooks and Second Sight. 

Improving quite for make sure that the scene grows stronger and soulful !

Monsoon Season: