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Mapped Fireworks (FatCat 2007)

   Whoever seeing this album should have thinking twice on gave another title for it like how to kill your mom over a night or the revenge of psycho boy at home instead of – Fourteen Autumns & Fifteen Winters just like The Twilight Sad requires here. An Indie Rock group formed in Kilsyth, Scotland with James Graham (vocals), Andy McFarlane (guitars), Mark Devine (drums) and Craig Orzel (bass) debuting their dreams over the Folkish layer with noises sound of musical recording as you being dragged straight into the main problems with no reasons enough there as an explanation for about how this incident terribly happening the first place. 
A masked son started to stop listening to his mom and planning the avenging bad thoughts on her presence as the music begins quite artistically on these Alternative Rock performance under the unique dialect and rural or farming land natural signs sighing from beneath the melodic overture off those semi-grungy tracks like Cold Days From The Birdhouse, That Summer At Home I Had Become The Invisible Boy as well as Last Year’s Rain Didn’t Fall Quite So Hard along with And She Would Darken The Memory. 
One shall feeling scared for seeing the inlay artworks of the recording that surprisingly didn’t carrying a fine positive thing but the music itself – as the rest of it stored quite horrific in a background tales toward the presentations of the band’s effort amazingly tight and neat to listen …