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Manufaktur Replika Baptis (Rottrevore Records 2009)

   Shall be unforgettable as one of the most powerful in high pressuring combinations of talented musicians who loves Death Metal extremity around Jakarta area as this Technical Brutal Death Metal named Deadsquad actually can only becomes a short-project for these bored rockers as they’re writing the lyrics variously wider in many aspects from religions, evil, criticism on politics to the daily killing sessions of many rich people of Indonesia did to their fellow countrymen in the name of more money, good business and high economy profits while corruptions with nameless traitors threatening the inside out security as well as fundamental fanatics forcing their ideas in order to change the basic social lives on the grass-roots levels to the top. Debut releasing for Deadsquad’s Horror Vision is awesomely featuring some of those band members well-known by the Rock music scene nation-wide such as Stevie Morley Item (guitars, song-writing), Coki Bollemeyer (guitars, lyrics) to other like Bonsquad (bass), Andyan Gorust (drums) and Daniel Mardhany (lead vocals) right from the underground arena of the local scene extremity. Die if you shy to trying them a listen at a moment or just- gears up and may your head-banging terror-disturbance through these eight tracks conquering torturing slams off Dimensi Keterasingan (solitude dimension), Dominasi Belati (dagger dominance), Hiperbola Dogma Monoteis (hyperbolic dogma of the monotheist) onto Sermon of Deception or our Sepultura’s favorable thrashing anthem cover on Arise – really worth a head-bang try-out to die for !

Horror Vision: