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Malady Quahog (Willowtip 2015)

Blackened Dark Metal with the crawling feedbacks and high raging solos onto the slamming thumps off the bitter solution by the non-comforting efforts recording on Dim & Slimeridden Kingdoms proclaiming the essential views of horrific monstrous and parts of Tolkien’s imaginable legends mixed with the reality of perhaps, your cryptologist theory turning half-real made by Euxton/Lancashire – UK as Slugdge contains for two metallic heads fanatic musicians whom giveth their hope for only with a sidekick turning the practice over the real live bands into this underground present for you the freaks – dying for the short freight night stories about creatures dwelling the lakes and fresh water areas or even the shore of the farthest quite place and feeding upon the unlucky victims flesh – being snatched by them. 
Matt Moss and Kev Pearson are an obnoxious musical destroyers and ten cars piling-up blowers as the sounds correctly saying it all there. The gate is open but nobody can passing through the temple or castle without being consumed by the beasts guarding it surrounds in directly Death Metal/Progressive extremity and hardest beats cursing like the threatening tracks like Spore Ensemble, The Toxic Salts, Flying Snails, The Chapter For Transforming into a Slug or Pellet in The Head. All sounded like mockery as the killer riffs shall slay !