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Machine War (Merciless Records 2004)

   Motorhead should be damn proud for knowing that their legacy of loudest unlawful knowledge for thrashing around the globe might giving birth to more sons of metallic heads to grow their own brutal sounds because they can and because Lemmy’s already said so that’s why no need to get too surprising to have the Bamberg – Bavaria militia of Thrash/Hard Rock bastard apprentices on their German-linked Thrash-Metal based under the name you should be remembered like Delirium Tremens which not only slicing our ears by those freaking sharp-edgy solo that stings but also the heavy pound of riffs like tons of hammers bashing your entire house area on a same time. Either they got each members come and go from F.J.L, Rowdy Bad Bone (guitars), Rowdy Rumble (drums), Rowdy Mutze Piper (vocals) or Rowdy Rocket (bass); right from their ninety-six era first being formed until now – pressing your existence with their violent moshing ground tempos and blistering thrashy-liked slam-hardened through Thrashing Warthogs recording comes crushing within Worship Satan, Follow Us if You Want To Die, Death From Behind and Twisted Mind raining like Balls of Fire from above to destroying us !

Thrashing Warthogs: