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Love An Alien (Kel-Life 1996)


   The family band formed as the loving for more music to play inside the garage, rehearsal, churches or even for the occasional events around their living rooted of Irish/American/European branch-descends as consisting for many names in actual parents, siblings or closer cousins or just related to one another – here’s The Kelly Family with their works completely from the late nineties era collections as being recorded on the album – Almost Heaven as one of their greatest achievements.
   Whether it is re-arranged by Angelo Kelly, Barby Kelly to Dan Kelly, John Kelly, Kathy Kelly and Maite as well as Paddy and Patricia Kelly doing their best on performing the essential harmonies over many musical choices for covering some of those classic tracks old and newer ones just like Every Baby, When The Boys Come Into Town, You Belong To Me, Staying Alive, Stars Fall From Heaven onto Nothing Like Home truly can entertaining you whom needed to opening your past pages again and catches those hippie and flower generation’s atmosphere of peace under the sweeter romance order of a more independent Pop culture with them …

Almost Heaven: