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Lo Flux V (Self-Released 2009)

Not just as simple as you giving a true meaning about a band or group of musicians turning their heaten up ideas into successful song or recordings but for Tearist duo from Los Angeles, CA – being themselves doing the creativity in making some music and such due to the materials and issues on lyrics in this despisition flux of Electronic way through songs Closest  Long Cold or Headless experimental performance would be a movement rather than just a short-living career for Yasmine Kittles (vocals) and Will Strangeland (synths) within this self-titled album release. 

Monotonous in bits but never fails to asking one to dance in sorrow as the temple symbols of occults are also accompanied the group’s branding marks wherever they going or play as supposed. You shall revealing that like another audiences you will love to hate this kind of group to performing in front of your room but certainly, won’t be not too hesitate to inviting them to come inside …