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Let Them In (Rise/Velocity 2014)

   Whether that Pvris still having the same meaning as Paris or pronounced similar and perhaps, rhyming almost quite familiar; it’s a unique way for this young band from Lowell, MA for avoiding their legal reasons or just maybe about to make a statement that they’re sounded rocking with the newer name as Lyndsey Lynn Gunn” Gunnulfsen on lead vocals, rhythm guitars, keyboards with Alex Babinski the lead guitarist/keyboards and Brian McDonald for playing bass and keyboards as their touring drummer Justin Nace as the group goes Pop from being a mainstreamed Punk Rock and emotionally, courageous and ready to blasting the stage with awesome front woman, good composing music and simply titled tracks with wider explanations off the lyrics which carried the influences from Alternative Rock, Post-Hardcore, Synth-Pop to Electronic over White Noise the releasing exploding thus Pop-oriented heavy rock of American teenagers and mid-maturity themes on St. Patrick, My House, Holy, Fire, Eyelids and Ghosts behind the Mirrors that you facing tonight !

White Noise: