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Legiun Api (Utarat Records 2012)

   Goddamn rest in peace for the ordinary Heavy Metal local by the countable era entering the new millennium in many places in Indonesia but thankfully, to West java and Bandung for keeping the extreme metal sounds alive and well within anger and hatred heavier than it used to be sounded before. 
   Haul is one of the next generations hailed themselves from the western parts of Java island and as their cross-over metallic explosions for not only Hardcore-Punk but as well Sludge Metal, Doom-Stoner and Death Metal in actions relentlessly, collapsing the edgy rocks like a hanged cliff landslide incident pours to kill the tyrants onto the debut releasing for Rima Penghitam Cakrawala (the rhymes that blackening the horizon) which concludes by the band members grinding performance by Sandro Armanda (bass), Lucky Satria (drums), guitarists Awfi Muhammad and Dendry Mugni to the lead growler Kenny Reyhansyah for picturing the crescent moon occult-like themes being strangled by the demon snake just like the nation being messed-up by traitors and fanatics and more immigrants consuming the natural resources as thus blacker lyrics portraying Haul as the messenger onto you the sorrow tales of Nusantara nowadays via Abadian, Madah, Elegi and Halau Mentua may referred perfectly as sonic aggression in capacity !

Rima Penghitam Cakrawala: