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Law Johnny (Bandcamp 2016)

The underdog championing unit that brings you their latest Alternative Blues of Classics in Rock and Funk with Indie sounds touch above them all; as a trio with superb techniques may sounding like a whole entire five-piece to your ears or stereo system possibly forcing you to turn them up louder. Big D on guitars/vocals, Wildfire on drums, back-up vocals and Lil Jack The Kidd doing the bass and harmony vocals truly by further any compromising advises sounded amazing as these Ontario, California’s band – Porcelain Hill has forcing you to grab their album – See It Now. 

As the mixing of high tension and greater melodies and retro blasts like the blending of Hendrix meets younger rebellious Jerry Garcia forming the more rocking edgy projects and more Punkish of Santana background for releasing the beasty sounds of Rock through Bossman, Coming To Get You, Sandcastles, Sweet & Low as well as Rabbit Hole. 

You shall wanted nothing more than this because they’re performing the music far out and much freaking better !

See It Now: