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Languid Morning (Garando Records 2003)

   A multi-instrumentalist also a guitarist, composer and lyricist translated his ambience and mystique format of the loving Progressive Rock blending on music within the other likes for either Bowie to Mussorgsky The Moody Blues to Portishead as well as The Beatles to The Cure within their somber and morose features available from the ideas of works of the former drum-player here forming a Japanese pride efforts with Zaittamu (means Absolutely Nothing) Hisashi Furue and also to complete his absolution of damn superb works combination between Modern Prog-Rock artistic and local heritage of his background traditional music and noises by explores as Ma – an element and style onto the power of silence making the Proto-Progressive Rock and furthermore greater excessive sounds develops with Mariko (voice) and Hiroaki Horiuchi (bass guitar) crimsoning the choice of pick on their awesome album off Zettaimu’s What Can I Do; as the death grabbing the love ones or the perfect geisha favorable by public died or taking her own lives whilst the full moon lightning the dark night sky, eleven closely related semi-nomadic traditional and modern global Prog-Rock ascending through the momentary loops of classic tracks created there like Class Five, Glass Balloon, Butterfly Dance or Namuamidabustu III and more crazy thrilling and brilliant as Dawning Epilogue. 

Arigato Gosaimasu Progressive Rock Nihon-go ! 

What Can I Do: