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Laminated Cat (Drag City 2003)

   Rural environment views and Mid-West basic sweet mixing of Folk-Rock and Alternative Country sounds over the mesmerizing touch from how the agents of changing comes in form of a super group – this time provided by Wilco’s twin figures as permanent and important; the smart front-man Jeff Tweedy and Glenn Kotche but also having Jim O’Rourke on board with them as a trio. Working with the multi-instrumentalist for their Chicago’s Noise Pop festivities not as the Wilco clan family but something else in quite similar sounds and there you have it – them in Loose Fur.
Smoking woman and guitar player beardy guy may remarkably picturing the team-up together plans for adding new names to completing the group or going back and hit the road with the real thing like their previous band before not only within this self-titled recording release. Indie Rock that sounded so American with the soft clear guitar’s strings play and crisp vocals for only six recording songs available here within Loose Fur as you might listening to them as So Long, Elegant Transaction and Chinese Apple; given the sharing essence of good smell so natural for anyone to related the tracks with simple life chosen by a clever person to live in daily …

Loose Fur: