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Lament Misery (Bandcamp 2016)

   Haunting and sensual female fronted vocals with kind of Jazzy meets Trip-Hop Electronics smoothing escapes via the elegant slower relaxing Lo-Fi beats and melody-driven orchestral or stings arrangements unique blending on Until My Body Breaks album by the name of Olive Tiger group-project consisting of: Dane Scorazzi (drums), Jesse Newman (violin) and the main character for their existence on music Olive on vocals/cello/guitars/looper like a puzzled face making tricks over the whereabouts or the jumpy Jazzy clever beats which condemning the way these New Haven, CT musicians for collectively mixing Folk-Electro and Indie Rock and dragging it onto the very middle off the Pop-culture field. But fear nothing not or elsewhere to rejects or loved as you listening to Dark, I to You, Find Myself to The Killer’s Ballad that introducing the vocalist as one newer diamonds being polished and shiny just for Indie-Pop scenery. 

Until My Body Breaks: