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Lady Long Nights (Bandcamp 2006)

Being neutral as a rebel yelling of one man piece of army humanoid form of Industrial/Grunge/Techno/Alternative Rock measuring combo off Liverpool – UK and we will know then that (the isn't that cute like thus yellow stupid little creature with funny voice) Minion plays his own musical instruments from guitars, bass, drums and did the vocals as well. 
Wearing his gimp-mask like the lost member of Slipknot in the Trafalgar Square whose ready to shock you hard through his better fully loaded album on Slave Trade consisting of ten recording and composing tracks made for rocking the beats out of your heart and never ever listen to this in a very freaking lower volume. 
The questioning of Where Is God ? go on to the forbidden zone entrance via Red Lights, the opening Seizure is also full with troubles while Freedom is cheap and The One or A Teenage Fear consisting about the verses of falseness world creating by the elite to fooling you and everyone else. 
As the one cell chromosome breaks into smaller things when others turning to bigger complex creature and develops to over-populated and enslaves which is us.

Slave Trade: