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Kurukango Kwahahalu (Disques Vogue 1968)

Started as the Sorbonne university project purposes only as Simone Dreyfus went out from the comfortable home to Brazil – deeper inside the jungle environment on recording some of those and most elusive traditional cultures of the native Brazillian indigenous people living across the edge of the Amazon river banks to the inner darker parts and remote areas off the vast heart of dangerous and biggest rain-forest of the world. The Folk/World music recording compilations manage to be successfully added on this Musique Indienne Du Bresil  will opening your eyes to the nearly, primitive and jungle sounds made by tribal vocals, chants and rituals or the traditional musical instruments available here to touching with the modern listeners whom being so interested to have a look on some of those tracks of the genuine records like this and do entering your foot-steps and feel the tropical heat bites and mosquito raid but be very careful not to disturbing the jungle itself or you shall suffer the terrible consequences. 
Coming out creeping with a traditional flute-like music – mystifying and gave one a hallucinating effects even before you might invited to drink the potions of soul purifications – here’s Anduve, Flutes De Pan/Pan Pipes, Flutes-a-bloc/Plug Flutes, Chant Des Mekrakarore/Song of The Mekrakarore, Kozi-Kozi onto Fete Des Morts/Feast of The Dead; you will needed no more further else but this album to travelling to Brazil inner jungle before decided to go there and prove the real thing by yourself.