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Keg Crusher (Gore House Productions 2015)

   Blast inducing of the brutal truth wrist-slits while celebrating the bloodiest birthday ever exist by the blessings form these motherfucker Death Grind Metal band from UK; slamming the entire audiences with the infecting influences from deep beneath the unconscious minds of our primitive hominid brain just like Party Cannon wanted to see how Perverse Party Platter can really be happening and not just stop to the bullshit talks or arguments only. As an actual background started from the real hometown of the insane disease corpse league of lethal noises of Death Metal mayhem in Dunfermline, Scotland as all the subjective themes like corporate in control, war operations, the decaying of planet earth featuring the sickest band members worshiping mostly, hate and destruction with covering of blood and chums as your gory Party Cannon crew: Chris Ryan on bass, Craig Robinson the lead guitars, Stony (vocals), Martin Gazur the excellent drummer and Mike McLaughlin on rhythm guitars brought their E.P for your exact soundtrack to murder the liars and the invitation guest right on while the birthday party for Death Metal gore killer held. Five songs, one aim and plenty ways to do it to them whether it’s going to be damn slowly or absurd and systematic. For the starting, you already cut the head and decorating it as a delicious cake before Fornicating in Ethically Sourced Fair Trade Chocolate erupts like a warm sperm over the wet rotted vagina of a dead girl or else the failure on building a better world closing with the anthem for Partypocalypse. 
Blow the candles and make your wishes and remember to slaughter more for the band cause Everyone is Still Dead To Me and taste like Soft White Gelatinous Body … 

Perverse Party Platters: