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Kampret! Celaket (Gerpfast Kolektif 2016)

Commencing by the psychotic talent named Pandu for his deadly interests for all thus disobedience over what one would call as modern Pop culture divided into many commercialism branches but here as the primitive instincts taking over the recording studio and not selling beauty at all but most of the virtual noises of ugliness ever exists even those meanings not mentioned in any books as damned if you do like it but Bergegas Mati is truly an art of distorted diversity of disturbance that could kill the listeners after an hour. This Malang solo project for the rising out of experimental raw Fast-Core, Grindcore or Noise-Punk Electro-shit got all the help from Ari CK (drums, guitars, screaming vocals) in non-order of blasphemous collective works in their cursing local issues in daily lives as the very painful performance leads you to meaningless torments of hearing just started within nothing but thus choices on the lists: Menjalani Kehidupan Kontemporer, Bujangan Bermuram Durja, MarsParaPenyembah, Nilai E Dipelajaran Seni Musik or Joni Si Joki Ebtanas as well as Unsur Hewani Didalam Kuda will relentlessly, translates for you into a complex goddamn technology gone wrong in sound-clashing as themed like suicidal solitude, the consumerists, signals for degradation, national scamming news or just being weird or strange in a simple hellish noise explorations like the endless horror nightmares to the insomniac. 

Take Pop Neraka – the album and throw it away before it follows you right to your fucking grave …