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Kai’s Song (Arts & Crafts 2017)

   Minimalist melody on female duet of the New York-based music draws an interesting calmness over how Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell making a good songs connection as tension kept by an emotionally depth of love and romance and the challenges over family lives themes being chosen to wrote down as lyrics via their clinging on this East Coast’s Folk-tronica with Rn’B and soulful Pop mesmerizing agenda in simplicity. Some might sounded graceful, beauty enchanted and the harmony vocals that resemblance to a classic haunting sided of Chamber Pop music and better orchestrations really made this debut recording of Young – a brilliant tasteful choice for one to collect and listening for the cure. Womanhood, rich filled experiences or transformation within passage rites of ever-changing vulnerability and catharsis of finding the light over darkness seems to be a great themes written here over the songs like Father, Smaller Than My Mother, Hold Me Close, 23, Siren to Little Memory and The Fog as being helped by good names in music industry today like producer Nicholas Vernhes (Daughter, The War on Drugs) or the mixer for Lady Gaga or Mark Ronson – Ben Baptie. 

Beautiful recording for any Folkish people and family lovers !