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Kabaloomsia Vau (Bandcamp 2013)

   Quickie sharpening fast to caught an attention for those whom loving to have their private Folkish-Pop Rock and eerie weeping crawls within the acoustic guitar strings play or the moon throat-sitting underneath it as contradictory that Ilya Krivosheiko isn’t only the multi-instrumentalist whose playing his 12 strings guitar, nylon ones, electric one or ukulele, melodeon, cello, trumpet and even flute to percussion under the moniker name called Swampwolf; driving his Avant-Garde of Dark-experimental Neo-Folk freaks straight from Tatamagouche – Nova Scotia on this releasing of Bluesy cold and swampy-based products music for Possessed Nonetheless. 
   Maybe you cannot sing along for Behloy Zvook Tok but you always can following the humming and via others like Tumbleweed Graveyard, Metro-Gnome, Lo-Phi Russia and When The World Collides we shall realizing that these semi-Gypsy-Folk, Blues, Jazz-Electro and Indie music truly, demonic soft as it won’t be estimated …

Possessed Nonetheless: