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Josine Knocking (Bandcamp 2016)

   Collectively from Brooklyn playing their liking temptations and shared intentions over the love for acoustic Americana on Alternative Country, Indie-Pop softeners and rootsy song-writings in an artistic joyous performance fierce and loyal to their celebrating moments as M Shanghai (String Band) with Brian Gletner (drums, percussion, electric piano and vocals), Hilary Hawke (vocals, banjo, guitar), Austin Hughes (vocals, guitar, piano), Patricia Hughes (bass, vocals), Glendon Jones (fiddle, mandolin, guitar) as well as Richard Morris (vocals, mandolin, guitar) and Phillipa Thompson (vocals, viola, harmonica, accordion, saw) releasing their album – Bedlam within some guest perofmances from Samantha Parton on mandolin or Tati Nguyen and Patricia Thornley; it’s like a monthly rural fun-fare arena that you would dreaming of comes back and entertaining the whole small town people like yourself and many more walking through the evening breeze, playing bottle-throw and win a doll for your lover or just ignoring the crowded urban city area and go driving alone to the outskirt place not as specific for being called home but having some of it category for being that as the melodies and vocals harmony blending with the end of days like natural poems of Jerry Garcia and his artworks show leading you to listening for I’ll be Your Mockingbird, No Sleep, Ghost of My Love, Holding On to Television and Harbor light towards Amelia – perhaps, a girl you used to know when you were young reminds as the band clearing their throats and sing the romance or the sad lyrics and given the land another chance to smiling and grow prouder for the seeds already turning to living forms and develops a county to a nation stronger like M Shanghai cradled their career to fascinating level so far.