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Jericho Dirt Creek (Self-Released 2013)

Campaign for the worth of Dixie-sounds and Rock possessions off Tennessee country here’s The Delta Saints and its members/founders like Benjamin Ringel and David Supica as a Belmont University students by joining forces and musical talents like song-writings, composed tracks and making music which related closely to the local heritage of the entire Blues Rock of essential semi-perfect collaboration in effects over the affection spreading as soon one got themselves listening to these bluesy rockers. Swampy, fully inhabitant-liked dwellers sounds and in musical companion through the dedicated one debut recording in release on Death Letter Jubilee just like the dancing Appalachian woman in red dress on the edge side of the river in between the mixed of forest elves magic and lust instinct of female down towards the powerful groovy format of Modern Electric Blues and Delta Rock in rhythms and much melodies confirm there. Started with the opening track – Liar followed by the jamming grooves in Chicago, onward to Jezebel, Boogie or Out To Sea because they’re first and you later on shall together shouting some parts from the tune of Sing To Me and maybe Drink It Slow as well. 

For those whom loving Rock N’ Roll and Southern Dixie and limitless down-boogie or grooves of a distinctive beats made in America – this is your real thing to have !

Death Letter Jubilee: