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J.D. White (Dirty Water Records 2015)

   One man party rock show from Dan May and friends off his placing venue and standard ideas in making music off Croydon, UK the louder callings for us to open our ears and play the sounding rips on harder for 14 Inches Of Fist recording by Atomic Suplex – crashing the roll in rocks with his Punk-influences dressing as crazy as David Bowie ready for his Indie 500 rides on rodeo-ranch mosh-pit rowdy than the stampede themselves and will give you a filthy wetter kiss or bashing melodies and three-chords of slaps on the parade of total riot party minutes within tracks like Set It On Fire, Firing Line, Wild Love, Two Girls, Pancho and You’ve Got Some Nerve resulted from the insults of No Pain No Gain attacks in Ass Tecnica. 

Confusing to the left brain and the right ones after hearing these motherfucker sounds blown up a siren ? 

You should – bud, yes, you should be weary scary of those punchy drills !