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Jagat Maratan (D’Kolektif 2013)


   Many would then calling this a Sundanese Hardcore or Stoner Metal or just heaviest sets made in Indonesian rock-heads with a highly sensibility on showing the world about the deeper heritage of the traditional facing the mixture within thus modern metallic chaos and deranged feelings turns by the creativity from lyrics into visualized sounds that easily can deafening your fucking ears out.
   Cipanas' HC crew - Durga with their releasing of debut album Kuldesak may killing those who didn’t believe that Indonesian people are damn crazy and even proven that this music shown and sharing onto you the guts for the non-popular language transforming to a sarcastic media to protesting social lives bound or gagged by the lies and injustice over most parts of the beautiful mystical archipelago of the world named Nusantara. 
   Within vocalist Weedsara, guitarists Teeboy and Robin, bassist Equ and Khlas the drummer; Kuldesak appears to be an anti-hipster bible to bashing those mod-top and commercial consumerist public that relying on the opportunity on tricking others or killing the disliked ones through bigotry and fundamental fanatic views as then forgetting the most important things of either diversity or traditionalist heritage and replacing them with hatred as being gore-screaming louder by Durga (taken from the evil villain gods on Hinduism) explosively to follow by those mosh-pit crusher heads for Ngajerit Maratan Langit, Karkas as well as some other national bahasa lyrics on Mulutmu Harimauku, Anjing Menyalak Di Ekor Gajah or Rantai Kekang must be chaotic and ferocious to watch. 

Burst yourself into flame and burn the entire village and town – down !