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Jacobi Kenobi (Bandcamp 2015)

   Metallic Stoner Rock and conceptual experiments to Progressive Rock of the tumbling world through-out the universe within the loud abrasive numbing the minds of your cavity of ears as the powerful energy from the blasting sounds from them can creating thus celestial worm-holes and carried your psyche-body away. 
   The Denton,TX band consisting of Cameron Hinojosa (guitars/vocals), Korbin Chase (guitar), Hayden Kirkby (bass/vocals), Jake Mann (drums) caught by the heavy influences from Mastodon, Pelican, Opeth to Metz and Death From Above 1979 while being totally nuts for rocking harder than Nirvana’s distorted visions onto the blistering high-techniques fusion on both materials and skills like this group would be the Stoner version off Tom Araya’s and co. slaying hour music. 
   Via the musical recording of Voyager release – Orcanaut shows how expansive their blending of Doom Metal/Progressive Rock and experimental noises follows the tracks blowing up through Cronenbergs, Homie Don’t Play That, The Fall and Upon The Bitter Sea Again. 
   Thus occult-ism symbols of sacrificing the female figure shall opening back the road to the desert to drive in four biggest wheels on roar !