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Irreality Fields (Jeshimoth Entertainment 2012)

   Adam Kalmbach isn’t a calmer man as he used to born but the darkness has taken his sanity to reach the levels of being enough mad at the world that keeps making his moves stuck in the middle or worse, destroying the man’s beliefs toward how the act of kindness truly can saving your back nowadays. As the fucked up world mixed everything like chaos and the touch of evil infiltrates into his mind and soul later on after the influences for wicked creativity captures his ways and giving the raw and harsh experimental Black Metal and Electronics project from Missouri composed by the blackest heart of Adam through Jute Gyte with an applying extreme rhythms and brutal bashing music to destructs you r ears in cruelty as one being driven excessively by Isolation as his twelve albums with The Hopelessness of Passing Time and The Melancholy of Unalterable Past Events – a long opening for about eight minutes more releasing the epic terror forms of Classic Black Metal followed by Age Seperation and Cold longer and painful with screaming dark vocals leading the rest of that double-pedals rage sounds. If you love Leviathan or Xasthur as much as the Math-Noise and Progressive poly-rhythm on childhood dreams Ambient/Avant-Garde of dodecophony electro-metal extremity; then this record fits for you !