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Ipso Fatso Beg (Johanns Face 2014)

   Artistic and fully integrity for dealing the cards to the audience on their super touch of Pop-Punk and Power-Punk Alternative for the bunch gangs of non-establishment rockers like Marc R (vocals), Devon Kay (vocals), Davey Houle (drums, percussion), with trumpeter David Winer and keyboardist Erik Rasmussen recording this epic local spirits called the holy grail for new Rock N’ Roll as The Fur Coats proudly presents The League of Extraordinary Octopuses for you to know how funny or full with dark comedy lyric or musical performance there via the sarcastic titles chosen after the lyrics written and song composed like Goddamn I’m a Handsome Man, Kukla Fran and Ollie, A Thanksgiving Day Murder, Red/Blue, Talking to Myself as well as What The Fuck Do I Do Now ? or George Washington’s Zombie Face not remaining or try to consequently responsible for threatening their audiences over the honest confusing and non-dignity but never losing the higher self-esteem on the crazy releasing like this one. 
Pop has survived and gave you Tiny Fists through wiser tracks like Tell me Something I Don’t Already Know to I Read Tons of Ayn Rand Dude or perhaps, being silly by saying I Drank a Beer causing drinking another one and another one …

The League of Extraordinary Octopuses: