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Insensitive Help (Bandcamp 2014)

Mark Kronenberg (guitar/vocals), Jessica Otto (bass/vocals) and John Jakubik (drums/vocals) are in this Skate-Punk Pop or Alternative Rock Chicago debut consisting with their punching upbeats and fully materials of melodic talking heavily about mostly broken romance on the releasing album – Cheers To Regret divided by things related to love, lust, alcohol or regret as anyone would connecting into. Simple sounds and mid-tempo or fast tracks under the four minutes durations written and carried out fine if you are also the fun-atics fan of Blink 182 or popper version of NOFX – just sing along with the three-piece Punkers through Same Old Street, These Vultures, The Fireside Bowl, Death Row Lullaby and Dead Roses For a Pretty Face would be a good blow of powerful Pop-Punk for the detention room study club of dark and light …

Cheers to Regret: