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Innocence Odyssey (Bandcamp 2016)

Giannis Karras (not related maybe to the late character of Father Karras) really forcing his talents in the making of this compiled magma-tizing of samples, sounds and noises via the Electronic Dance-Pop or Dreamy Pop as an advance practicing of experimental session form a one man project called King Elephant releasing them up on the exciting album entitled Music For Advertisements with the nice cover album like some kind of new features from Gypsy King and Electro-Dance scene background of influences. 
There you have it and try to press play and listen that all of this well-written, produced and composed (and) performs by Mr. Karras himself on mostly – instrumental experiences tones and musical blending like Murmux Jam, Empty, Happier Than You or 12/8 which telling the audience about the activity off the maker and how his feelings develops by times as the smart-moves also taken down here within If I Had You (feat. Luna Stoner) or Yellow Haze of The Sun (feat. Baby Guru) which providing thus durations for enjoying the Progressive Electro-Pop signature offering from this Athens’ project straight to your luxurious yacht or dusty highway pit-stop decisions.

Music For Advertisements: