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Hypnogogia Kiddie (Rekords Rekords 2010)

   Founded by Queens of The Stone Age bass player – Michael Shuman and well-mannered Los Angeles Indie Pop-Rock band with Zach Dawes or Tyler Parkford as being themselves a trio carrying their Alternative Rock featuring semi-permanent new project for Mini Mansions with the wider likes for The Beatles or John Lennon onto a vacation-based on the Sunday afternoon or weekend blossoming and a trusted kiss of magic by the time where Victoria-era is reigning the half of the globe and Pop culture never seems to get fail more since you liking to hear the best effort recording there by the band via this self-titled record. Crime of The Season, Monk, Wunderbars, Seven Sons all the way through The Room Outside or Vignette #2 burst in like Majik Marker for Girls really works artistically surprising as the bunny doll displays in the evening of harmony vocals and melodic sounds chattering by supernatural-like elements straight from Ipecac recordings product.

Mini Mansions: