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How Come You Are (Sony Music/Columbia 2009)

   Do Vivien Bauernschmidt (main lead vocals), “Andy” Andreas Gerhard (guitars), Max Forman (bass), Moritz Keith (guitars) and “Feli Kamikaze” Felix Keith (drums) at first try really wanted only to be the next Paramore ? or the Pop-Rock version for Germany’s answer for The Veronicas but actually, the reason is just because these band had some fun quite good with the hope on lucks brought them to make a record deal with a major label company as representing Aschaffenburg’s Pop-Rock written in English that sounding cleverly catchy music for those whom loved to hear more and more yummy female vocals, better Emo-Pop tunes and No More Days To Waste may sounded wiser for some young musicians to pick as their record title. 
Emerging into much ammunitions to sling-shot your interest and ears up since the rocking start and perfect ending recording release; hits singles like Can You Hear Me Boys, Fear of Tomorrow, Don’t Hurt Yourself, Hello Hello, Catch Me If You Can to I’ll Smash Your Mind or the group’s awesome cover for Cyndi Lauper’s timeless mega-trendy number one song anthem – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun; sending the album to achieved gold certificates both in national level and Austria as well as Platinum in Japan. 

No More Days To Waste: