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Hotel Stay (Dot Dash 2016)

Influenced by Esprit, Diners Club, David Hirschfelder or General Electric and the rest aren’t because of their quite strong dreams for being the next Hall and Oates but showing like a men couple doing their Electronic, New Wave, Synth-Pop and Disco-Punk in bubblegum via international flavors for the commonwealth of Australia identity by Harvey Miller and Monte Morgan giving their freshly essential products of music making as the likes on old dance-able Madonna songs, Devo on Pop addictions or power magnetic tunes from the rest of 80’s parade of cross-over music embracing the new revolving world of Pop culture and the rest of the world just through some of these amazing simple tones that could make you dancing silly again like your ninety parents did as well by using the passage of melodic Pop and Rock excellencies among Clint Liaison’s Diplomatic Immunity that spawning Wild Life that sounding effectively infectious because it is delicious or A Foreign Affair (feat. Tina Arena), Off White Limousine, World of Our Love onto The Bravest Beginnings and closing with Electric Eyes. One shall finding this album fascinating and considers to have it for the collections of New Wave artifacts completed with exquisite female Dance-Electro's choir. 

Diplomatic Immunity: