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Hospedeiro (Self-Released 2014)

   Sao Paulo – Brazil’s six-piece of the newest generations for the Portugese-speaking kids off its long-timed legendary Heavy Metal extreme home base since Sepultura led the way opens for the first attempts as the world finally sees the bigger potential among thus Brazilians not only being well-known for playing Ginga football but producing many more loudest metallic music from every corners of the existence of younger people kept being oppressed by the authority and the high crimes and low costs for stabilizing the economy perhaps, would be thus basic reasons why heavy music always getting too close with bad things there. Changing the perceptions about it are these Metal-Core group baptizing themselves as Theoria De Allice whose consisting of double lead vocalists Elaine Correa and Matheus Coleredger, drummer Edmilson Cruz, bassist Nicolas Natan and dragonite-double shedders Joao Koala and Pedro Cortopas brought to you this magnificent semi-apocalyptic themed basic album via Martyrium. 
As the infamous rage-clashing format blends between pure Death Metal, Hardcore and Extreme noises by techniques available in a bowl of resistance for positivity mind-changing; you shall loving how the mid-tempo crushing riffs and blasting drums really turning everything chaotically in control following Liberdade, Derrubando Reis, S.A.M.U.E.P and Verdade Occulta !