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Hitchens Abednego (Supply And Demand Music 2013)

   Seems to be looking forward as an occult clan or something closer but the celestial touches made well via the composing music and producing tracks available from the self-manufactured Fits Of Reason planned by either mentions as David Lamb’s entire intelligent or MorganEve Swain and other accompanied friends for the brain-child of a group and song-written tunes as miniature orchestrations and harmonized vocals were all featuring here on the record just like the melodious strings and beats performance by Jeremy Robinson, Jerusha Robinson or Micah Blue Smaldone were also among the lists of Brown Bird's history. 
   Haunting lyrics to surging waves blended over Folkish instruments, as well as Country-Blues influenced Eastern music and Gypsy’s shanty-town sounds repeating carefully in a modern Indie-Rock fetus and remarkable people wearing animal-masks and thus altars for the ritual offerings from the followers to the great spirits of the sky dwelling. Respects most of thus collaborative awesome and mystic tones like a traditional violin, accordion to pedal-steels telling us about the journal diary when the band did the experience or staying a while through Nina Eyes, Bow For Blade, Barren Lakes, Iblis to Wayward Daughter and Thread of Measure; drawing the visual effects of faces or places as you drowning deeper into a invisible waterfall somewhere around Providence – Rhode island’s dream shores.

Fits of Reason: