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H.I.S.M (Not On Label 2012)

   Their influences straightly taken from the heavy infectious sounds carried before by legends of loudest music pioneering or the masters as like Boris, Electric Wizard, Torche, Clutch, Black Sabbath and Kyuss or even Thin Lizzy, Led Zeppelin to Earth and Skip James as you would love to dig them also. 
Loud overdriven as the interests for distortions resting in the newer physical form on Twingiant – the Phoenix, Arizona non-compromising Sludge Metal or Doom Metal as well as Swamp Metal to Stoner Rock blending and Mass Driver is the excellent releasing recorded by Jarrod on bass guitar/vocals, Nikos the lead/rhythm guitar/backing vocals to Jeff the drummer and Tony on lead/rhythm guitar/backing vocals conditioning their bursting musical performance like being the moon man seeing the red planet x and the sun heading towards their spot and then the world behind them in an apocalyptic tension of doomsday vision decorates the nine slower blasts of thumping sounds within the themes resting all the mysteries inside these song like Abduction, Burning Through, Eat The Alien and Adrift in Space over the destruction on Concrete Home story-telling. Crushing riffs, destructive drum-beating, lead solos of metallic melodies and things collide easily within the ruins of dust. 

Mass Driver: