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High Martyrs (Subordinate 2004)


   Violence for free non-Jazz power of symphonic sonata in metallic sounds complicated format form Novara, Italy named  themselves as .Psychofagist; a line-up trio consisting of Marcello Sarino (bass, vocals), Fiamma on drums and Stefano Ferrian (chittara, sax – both alto and tenor, voice) bring to you their essential extreme raging format of the experimental Grindcore noises and improvisations of Jazz elements as the band got plenty talents and guts to do it for the debuting record release for this self-titled album mostly, written in Italian lyrics.
   .Psychofagist thrown their twelve tracks of ferocious bursts on lethal sounds performance over the granted choices onto the divided blasts erupted through either Emo-Clasis, La Ballata Della Repulsione, Tema: Delirio onto Come Cieco or thus English-based songs like Non.Rational.Algebra or 21st Century Schizoid God and Traces of Ephemeral Steadiness. 
   Your head would definitely going to vibrating from the lowest level up to the nearly exploding experience while telling yourself to enjoying this type of sickening maestro music like this Death Metal Progressive masterpiece for blowing the mainstream landscape.