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Heroin Pushin’ (Self-Released 2015)

   Collection by demands for those whom having problems for listening slow-tuned fucked up Pop music but preferring more brutality, fixed and engraving package of demonic Dub-hardcore Techno that absolutely cute but dangerous may got an answer within Tel-Aviv’s unit of three crazy motherfuckers: Yamumi, Mr. Nice Guy and Evil ninja as being these Digital junk-noise shockers alternatively through Mechonat Hereg whose going to surgery your inner body and suck all those life fluids refill them with zombie spores and undead cursed blood before luring you into their traps of goddamn noisey music with a beautiful Jewish woman waiting for the victim on the lonely road outside the city’s rim. 
Available for the deadliest mixing on complicated compilation for Techno-Rave, Industrial machine music or the lines of track-listed pure disease messages welcomed you through Active Damage or Public Enemy onto Snipe Hunt and Let’s Get Fucked Up into Deadly Barracuda. Chaka Of Zulu is an ultimate destructive gift for your late days of sorrow upon the guilty empire collapsing from the inside rebellions type of gaming reality. 
One who should becoming a new ruler shall make different chances by killing the previous filth with unmarked group playing the blasting Hardcore Electro in Noise as Rafster Blaster has spoken …

Chaka of Zulu: