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Her Deaf Arms (Pandacide 2008)

Santa Rosa, California telling its own story about the trio of Josh Staples, Sara Sanger and Julia Lancer over their journey of touring on the career of living by creating a creative modern format of music and sounds within the blending of Indie Rock, Alternative Metal to Melodic Punk-ish as the band interests includes; alcohol drinking, rock music doing, fun having, food feasting and putting feet into the ocean as adventures probably should be their chosen name for the group but for now – we will knowing them as The New Trust. 
Recording and being blessed for finally, releasing this simple third albums from their Emo/Indie Rock catalogs sounding as the great echoes and martial harmony regaining high with the prospects of a promising effort through Get Vulnerable that consisting off the songs of semi-experimental and groovy in Math-Rock ensemble as you will know it better on Breathe Underwater, Wretched and Unwanted, Song For Ben Henning or To Hell Via Jail might be looking funny but they’re not meant to be a joking plan even when the band trio seems to be so comfortable posing in front of this record.

Get Vulnerable: