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Heimo Naimisiin (Monsp Records 2013)

   As former Punk-rockers reach-out to Rap Music and more funky beats essentials or trying to combines them all up in one particular elite and good freaking term to terminates the mainstream media bias information for better music independently – the Helsinki, Finland’s quartet Rapper/Hip-Hop group that you need to meet is Gasellit. 
Completed themselves with the formation of Jussi Mikkonen, Miikka Niiranen, Pekka Salminen and Tuomas Pietikainen spitting out their flow of lyrics like the real talented original gangsters on this album: Aina which going to reminding you to the Old-School and symphonic Finnish local Rn’B by demands but not sounded sucks as the great songs like Holiday Inn, Mohombi, Teinijate to 2006 or Millennium would definitely moving your body dance or slamming like assholes of the small club champions.
   Confusing and needs some help with your Finnish translations ? 
Not too worried guys; even if you didn't know about Susilapsi or Tainijate - it's a-okay cuz yes, via the beat of Hip Hop/Gangsta music mix here everyone still can dance their ass off and move that bodies for the timing is correct and the language isn't a big deal as border anymore - boi !